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Sanitiser Liquids & Gels

Code Red Medical Grade W.H.O. Formulated Liquids manufactured with 80% Food Grade Ethanol.

Gels Manufactured using 80% Food Grade Ethanol. Easy on the skin formula. As tested by the National Measurement Institute

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Dispensers & Stands

Help protect your staff and customers by using our touch-less dispenser. Our automatic sanitiser dispenser removes touch points to further reduce the risk.

Our locally made metal powder coated stands are robust, sturdy and are great addition to our touch-less dispenser.

Gym wipe dispenser and stands also available.

Gym Wipes

Non-Alcoholic Gym Wipes for equipment in Gyms and surfaces around the office, restaurants, schools and shops.

See also our Gym wipe dispenser and stands for easy access and use.

Masks & Gloves

Whether your after disposable or re-usable masks we have you covered.

Disposable gloves also available.

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